Information Technology is a vital and integrated part of Emzansi’s financial, management and engineering systems. The firm has a vision for the total integration of people and processes using information technology as a tool to support and promote the position of the firm as the preferred choice. Security and redundancy is of the utmost importance to ensure the stability of our IT infrastructure.

Information Technology

At a global level, E-mail and Internet access is used to effect an interface with all our business partners. Securely setup VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) communicating by means of modems and telecommunication systems are used for the transfer of encrypted data and knowledge between our offices.

Local area networks (LAN’s) are in place in all our local major offices. These are used primarily to facilitate electronic mail, data exchange, optimise peripheral usage and to ensure the integrity and security of system and data.

Omina Solutions By virtue of its size and geographical spread Emzansi has been able to access information nationally and implement state of the art commercial software packages for specific engineering applications. Every effort is made to ensure the firm remains technologically compatible with clients and end-users.
The IT activities of the firm are managed by an out-sourced specialist team of professionals.