Industrial Structure
  Middelburg Pharmaceutical Depot R 21.4 million Emzansi Projects
  SAHMS – Pharmaceutical Depot R 58.2 million
  AEL : Charlize R 7.2 million
  Mpumalanga Government Buildings R 404 million
  Portnet – Richards Bay – Third Import Route R 52 million
  Portnet Richards Bay – Third Export Route R 64 million
  Portnet – Richards Bay- Third/FourthExport Route (2) R 38 million
  Portnet Richards Bay – Multi-Product Import Route R 70 million
  Portnet Richards Bay – Woodchip Link R 58 million
Roads and Adjoining Works
  DOPW – Bethal to Hendrina Road (P52/2) R 32.0 million Emzansi Projects
  Secunda Road D637 R 30.9 million
  DOPW – Voortrekkerhoogte Airport – Civil R 0.7 million
  Bhamshele Taxi Rank R 0.3 million
  Mpumuza Hawker Stalls R 0.28 million
Water, Sewer and Stormwater
  Thaba Tshwane Reservoirs R 16.1 million Emzansi Projects
  Driefontein Waste Water Treatment Plant R 1.4 million
  Phalaborwa Water – Lulekane Booster Pump Station R 0.8 million
  Phalaborwa Water – Lulekane Bulk Water Supply R 5.2 million
  Umgeni Water – Mangangani Water Reticulation R 1.5 million
  Mhlatuzi Bulk Water Supply R 1.3 million
  Ndaleni Portable Water Reticulation R 0.7 million
  Phalaborwa Water – Ben Farm C Water Supply & Network R 1.8 million
Sports and Recreational Complexes
  Noncedo Day Care Centre R 1.5 million Emzansi Projects
  Grt. Johannesburg TMC – Senaoane Swimming Pool R 1.8 million
  Indlovu Council – Recreation centre R 1.0 million
  Pietermaritzburg Msunduzi TLC Recreational Facility R 0.8 million
  Pietermaritzburg TLC – Recreation centres R 1.2 million
  Chibini Multipurpose Hall R 0.1 million
  Mbubane Crèche R 0.1 million
  Berlin Crèche R 0.1 million
  Siyakhanga Day Care Centre R 0.1 million
  Sinathing – Combi Court Construction R 0.1 million
  Noordsberg Sports Field R 0.3 million
General Building and Erection
  SAPS Tembisa: Police Station R 3.2 million Emzansi Projects
  SAPS:LCRC’s: Kroonstad and Bloemfontein R 3.0 million
  SAPS:LCRC’s: Port Alfred and Umtata R 3.3 million
  SAPS:LCRC’s: Polokwane and Musina R 3.4 million
  First Graphics (Structural) R 5.6 million
  KFC Houses Evaluations R 0.3 million
  Intersite – Berea Station Goods lift R 0.5 million
  Intersite – Congella Station upgrade (Structural) R 3.0 million
  Huletts Aluminium Storage Warehouse R0.5 million
  Umgeni Water – Workshop Extension R 0.4 million
Fire protection
  Portnet – Fire protection & Wash water system R7 million Emzansi Projects
  Pretoria Technikon – Fire protection R 0.35 million
  DOPW – Louis Trichardt Air Force Base – Inert Gas R 3.2 million
  Baragwanath Hospital R 1.1 million
Air-conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration
  Baragwanath Hospital R 30.9 million Emzansi Projects
  Witbank Prison R 2.7 million
  Eersterus Community Health Centre R 1.2 million
  Ellisras – Airconditioning R 0.5 million
  Pretoria Technikon – Evaporative Cooling R 2.3 million
  SAPS: Hammanskraal Training College R 0.8 million
  Greys Hospital – Airconditioning R 6.0 million
  Greys Hospital – Chiller Plant R 2.3 million
  DPW – SAPS Mankwe R 17.1 million
  Soshanguve South Campus R 6.1 million
  Artsand Culture – Cultural History Museum R 10.7 million
Compressed Air Installations
  DOPW – Louis Trichardt Air Force Base – Compressed Air Systems R 1.1 million Emzansi Projects
  DOPW – SAPS Forensic Laboratory – Compressed Air R 0.25 million
  DOPW – Makhado Air Force Base R 2.8 million
  Witbank Prison R 0.2 million
Pumping Installations
  Secunda Pump Station Manifold Upgrade R 16.1 million  
Steam Services
  Baragwanath Hospital R 8.0 million Emzansi Projects
  Witbank Prison R 1.5 million
  Appolinair’s Hospital – Boilers Replacement & Steam Reticulation R 1.3 million
  Fort Napier – Steam reticulation R 1.2 million
Hospital Services (Laundry, Kitchen, Medical Gas, etc.)
  Hayani Hospital R 23.2 million Emzansi Projects
  Ellisras Hospital R 5.2 million
  Zebediela Hospital R 17.2 million
  Baragwanath Hospital R 4.2 million
  Eersterus Community Health Centre R 0.62 million
  DOPW – Heidelberg Hospital R 1.1 million
  DOPW – Appelbosch Hospital R 1.2 million
  DOPW – Philadelphia, Mmametthalke, Hendrina and Wakkerstroome Hospitals R 1.0 million
Electrical Reticulation and Network Development
  Eskom – Rustenburg 88kV/11kV (3 X 20MVA) R 21 million Emzansi Projects
  Eskom – Phoko 132kV/11kV (2 X 40MVA) R 15 million
  Prince Alfred Substation 132/11kV (2 X 40 MVA) R 18 million
  Eskom – Dwaalboom Substation R 25 million
  Eskom – Giyane Substation R 23.5 million
  Eskom – PPC Dwaalboom 132/11kV (2 X 20MVA) R 17 million
  Cedara Agricultural College – 11kV network R 3.0 million
  Eskom – Tshikweta 132kV/11kV (1 X 20MVA) R 5 million
  Eskom – Phoko/ Norplats Line 132kV R 1.1 million
  Eskom – Phoko/Spitkop Line 132 kV R 0.6 million
Electrical Building Services
  MTN – 14th AvenueCampus (New Integrated Offices) R 110 million Emzansi Projects
  JDA– Constitutional Hill (Jhb) R 12 million
  DOPW– Elim Hospital R 3.5 million
  DOPW – Waterkloof Air Force Base R 9.5 million
  DOPW – Louis Trichardt Air Force Base R 4.1 million
  DOPW – Hammanskraal Police College R 3.1 million
  Eskom – 140 Schools R 4.0 million